Brinsea Makes a Difference

Brinsea Makes a Difference
Brinsea Makes a Difference

I was asked to write an article that covered a product or company that has made a positive impact me or on my farm and operation over the years. I would have to say that company would be Brinsea.

I have reviewed a lot of their products over the years such as EcoGlow chick heaters, Chick Safe Coop door openers, and Incubators. Some of these products have been in continuous use over the last so many years on our farm.

We depend on some Brinsea products everyday.

Open and close

I have ChickSafe Chicken Coop door openers working every morning letting some of the birds out and closing them in again in the evening. This saves me from having to do it manually, especially when there are other activities on the farm that need my attention.

EcoGlow for the girls

Even though I live in sunny Florida, I also use the EcoGlow 20 heaters for chicks, duckling, goslings, Guinea keets, turkey poults, pea chicks, and quails that I am hatching and raising. The heaters are adjustable for the different heights that are required for the various babies that I am brooding. They work for the larger goslings down to the tiny quails. [Editorial update: The new EcoGlow 600 use a metal warming plate to even out hot and cold spots which occur with plastic heat plates and to improve heat radiation. The new flared skirt design retains more heat further reducing energy use.]

And incubators, too

I also use their incubators and have been very pleased with them. They are in continuous use at my farm in the hatchery building. Whether you want to just hatch a small amount of eggs or if you want to hatch hundreds of eggs, they have you covered.

Candlers and thermometer

They do have a couple products that I do not have but would like to try out.

I would like to check out one of their OvaScope High Intensity egg candlers—that would make my life a bit easier because I could see infertile eggs and remove them. Plus, egg candling also monitors the rate of enlargement of the airspace within the egg as a gauge of incubation humidity and gives a more detailed analysis of development such as vein growth, Brinsea says.

They have a new Spot Check digital Incubator Thermometer that looks like it would work for me. Brinsea says it is a very accurate, easily read incubator thermometer specifically designed for incubation with a range of 32° - 40°C. (90º to 104º F.).

Those are on my wishlist.

Hands-on help

Their customer service is also great. They take care of me if I have any questions—and believe me, I’ve had more than a few. Brinsea always answers the phone and they always have the answers. We just happen to be blessed to be close to them—they are located in Titusville Florida which is within a 1/2 hour of our farm.

Brinsea Products Inc.

704 N. Dixie Ave.

Titusville, FL 32796 U.S.A.

Tel. 1-321-267-7009

Fax 1-321-267-6090


About the author

Lisa Pedro, aka Christmas Chick, hails from Christmas, Fla. Lisa and her husband of more than 33 years own Fort Christmas Farm, where they raise a variety of poultry including chickens, guineas, quail, and ducks.

August 28, 2023

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