Strombergs Chicken Feeder

Strombergs Chicken Feeder
Strombergs Chicken Feeder

Durable, strong, and the right size

Just over a year ago, I was attending the 2020 IPPE Expo with my good friend Dr. Brigid McCrea. It’s the largest poultry expo in the world, and over 35,000 people from around the globe attend this awesome event. As I was walking the floor, I ran into my friend Eric Stromberg from Stromberg’s Chickens and Poultry Supplies, a long-time Chicken Whisperer sponsor. We were catching up, and I mentioned I was looking for a large chicken feeder to replace the chicken feeders I was currently using on my homestead.

I was very unhappy with the metal chicken feeders I had been using over the years, and knew there had to be a better solution. He showed me a large plastic chicken feeder at the expo that he would be happy to send me to try out. Naturally, I asked for two.

After one year of use, I could not be happier.

A thoughtful design

As soon as I received the two large plastic chicken feeders, I put them together and put them to work on the homestead. What do I like most about this chicken feeder? The darn thing holds a full 50-pound bag of laying pellets! In fact, to be accurate, it holds a little more than a full 50-pound bag. With 150 laying hens, this really reduces my time and labor of refilling feeders every single day. Now, I only have to fill feeders every third day.

The top opening is big, so when pouring the laying pellets into the feeder, spillage is kept to a minimum, if any at all. Speaking of spillage and waste, the feeder has a feed saver grill that helps prevent birds from shaking their heads from side to side and pushing feed out of the feeder.

The lid helps prevent chickens from roosting on the top of the feeder, but I opted to order the lids with an even steeper angle because I don’t hang the feeders (which is an option) which would also discourage chickens from roosting on top of the feeder.

At just over 50 pounds, I’m not so sure I would trust the wooden truss in my coop to support it, however a contractor friend of mine says it would be fine.

The fact that it’s crafted from hard molded plastic allows for an easy cleaning with just a spray from a garden hose. It’s also easy to clean with a scrubber for those yearly deep cleanings.


Now, you already know these feeders are large and hold over 50-pounds of feed, and you can see how large they are in the pictures. Don’t let the size fool you. They are molded plastic, which make them super light when they are empty, but they are actually super strong too.

I’ve actually lost my balance a time or two, and dropped an entire 50-pound bag of feed on top of them with no ill effects.

I’ve also stepped on them while cleaning the coop, and 225 pounds of southern-fried Chicken Whisperer did not even leave a mark on these feeders.

Finally, you are probably looking at the size of these large feeders and thinking they must cost an arm and a leg. Wrong you are! Currently, they are selling for just $25.95 on the Stromberg’s Chickens website. Actually, I had no idea what they cost until writing this review, and I’m quite surprised they are so affordable (so now I don’t feel so bad asking for two of them during our initial conversation at IPPE.)

For just over a year now, I’ve used these two large feeders every day on my homestead feeing 150 laying hens, and I’m super-pleased with them. I know you will be pleased too!

50-Pound Capacity Hanging Feed Saver Feeder: $25.95

Steep Angled Hanging Feeder Topper: $5.99

Stromberg’s Chicks & Game Birds Unlimited

Hackensack, Minn.


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