Coopworx Silo Feeder

Coopworx Silo Feeder
Coopworx Silo Feeder

Sturdy, colorful, and adjustable

When I was told that my newest review was going to be a Coopworx Silo Feeder, I was looking forward to this. Anything that can make life easier while running a farm is always a good thing.

When the truck delivered the feeder, it was a very large box but the weight was not so heavy that I could not handle it. The box even had a beautiful picture of the Coopworx Silo Feeder right on the outside of it.

Some easy assembly required

So I took it over to the Hatchery porch and started to unpack it. I pulled the lid and the main part of the body or silo out of the box and everything else was packed inside of the body of the feeder. I was checking it out as I was pulling it out of the box.

It is a really cool looking design and it feels very sturdy. And just as a bonus, I really like the colors. All of the packages of parts inside had nice graphics on them.

There were instructions with the legs. They can be set to three different lengths: 9” for bantams, 13” for standard breeds and also 17” for very large birds like Brahmas or Jersey Giants. I chose the standard height since I have a very large flock with different breeds that are our layers for eggs to eat.

There are also little black port covers so that you can cover the openings at night to either keep your birds from feeding at night or to keep predators or rodents out. Besides putting the legs together, the lid had to be attached to the body of the feeder. This involved one long bolt, washers and a nut. So it is a hinged lid and is also lockable.

They will be adding an instruction sheet for the port covers and the lid assembly, and possibly a video to their website with the same information.

Protects feed, looks great

I took the opportunity to call Tom at Coopworx and talk to him about the design. He told me that a lot of thought went into this design. The conical top is shaped to keep the birds from roosting on it. It is also made of a resin called UV 8 which extends the life of the feeder, even in the hot Florida sun.

Tom told me that the Coopworx Silo Feeder was designed to protect your feed from the elements. Designed with the ports underneath the feeder instead of on the sides, it will keep the rain out of the feed. He also pointed out that the Coopworx Silo Feeder is made in the USA, which I think is great.

So with the feeder assembled, I carried it over to a common area between twodifferent large coops where the chickens hang out all the time.

‘Hey, what’s in there?’

As soon as I put it down, they were interested in it. So I got a 40 pound bag of layer feed pellets and brought it over. I opened the lid and before I could even start pouring the feed-in, their heads were going in the ports and once the feed got in there they were very happy. And they started eating right away.

At the height that I set the legs, it accommodated the medium-sized chickens, but the larger breeds like my Jersey Giants and Brahmas did not have any problem getting their heads in there. A couple silkies come over and they had no problems reaching in the feeder and eating with the larger birds. And for a bonus, later in the day I also saw the ducks enjoying the feeder.

Choose your size

There are a couple different options when you are deciding to buy one of these Coopworx Silo Feeders. The large Coopworx Silo Feeder can hold up to 80 pounds of feed and you can get it with the four legs which makes it more mobile. This way you can move it from one location to another when empty.

That larger feeder also comes with a single post that mounts into the ground instead of the four legs. And then there is a smaller version of the post-mounted feeder. The smaller feeder can hold up to 40 pounds of feed.

The bottom line

I am very happy with the Coopworx Silo Feeder and more importantly, my flock of chickens and ducks are very happy with it also.


Coopworx Feed Silo (holds up to 80 lbs.)

Coopworx Feed Silo II (holds up to 40 lbs.)


Made in the USA

Made with UV 8 resin for extended life

Holds 40 -80 pounds of feed

3 Heights for different sized birds

Lockable Lid

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